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Spring loaded door stops hold doors open. Tension is adjustable so you can set the stop to suit the weight of your doors. Spring assembly gently cams over, giving your door the feel of a new car. Ever open a rod door and have it swing back in your face! Eliminate the hassle and install Hagans on your next project.

"We Weren't the first, second or third to offer a hidden hinge kit and that benefits my customers! I had been building cars for 16 year when I decided to design the Hagan hinge. I had used other kits on the market and was disappointed with them. So I put my engineering education to work and designed a hinge the way it should be with GM style flanged oilite bushings, adjustable spring loaded detents to hold the doors open like new cars. They have 3D adjustment, front to back, up and down, and in & out with 35% more travel than other kits. Radiused arms, TIG welded construction and hardened hardware plus pictured sequenced instructions that guide you through the process. But the best thing about Hagan hinges is they come with a detailed 30 minute video where I take you step by step through the installation and if you need further guidance you can call me!"

Pete Hagan - Hagan Street Rods

*Full adjustment in all 3 dimensions with the turn of a bolt, no shims necessary!

*Properly bushed with GM style oil lite flanged bushings.

*Pictured instructions with Installation Video to guide you step by step to making this job easy, even for the novice builder.

*Hidden dome light switches

*Hardened pins

*Radius hinge arms

*All hardware is heat treated

*Square hole in door mount pocket provide maximum adjustment.

*Hex wrench included

*All cold roll steel construction

HHH (Standard Hidden Hinges)
HHH-2 (Suicide Hinges for wide doors) $390.00


These door latches work great. They have the strength required to hold the heavy doors yet they are slim so you can fit them in tight places.
Dimensions: 3-7/81" tall x 1-1/4" wide x 13/16" depth


* Double safety catch

* Smooth action

* Hardened striker bolts

* Use with or without Hagan latch installers



If you're replacing the latches remember to order these. The plates are stamped to fit the 200 latch and they have embossed mount holes that give it an original factory look. Caged nut plates allow for proper adjustment The kit includes stainless hardware, connection rods, quick release clips and pictured instructions.


* Caged nut door jam plates allow proper adjustment.

* Embossed bolt holes give your doors a clean original appearance.

* Stainless steel bolts

* Connecting rods with quick snap connecting clips

* 16 Gauge steel construction

* Use only with Hagan Double Catch Latches

PART NO.    

Universal Window Channel Set

These parts will assist you when you wish to remove your vent windows or they will replace rusted or missing parts. One of the tricky parts of building is the door glass so here is some guidance from Pete Hagan.

"Setting up the doors on a street rod or custom project can be a little confusing until you've built a few cars and made a lot of mistakes! Are you installing hidden hinges, removing the vent windows, chopping the top, building a carson top, sectioning the body, or replacing rusted parts? If you are doing one or more of these mods then you'll have to do certain things first. So #1 realize that the door glass can only go in one spot to function properly. That means that you have to get the glass installed first with the regulator. If your original parts are junk, pick up a UWC kit. It's going to supply the vertical channel that the glass slides up and down in. I designed them to install easily and they are adjustable so the glass will slide smoothly. Chop tops and carson tops are cool but they're a pain in the butt if you don't figure out the glass prior to and during the process of cutting and welding. Once the glass is set up you can move on to the hinges and latches. The glass set up may not be fun but don't put the cart before the horse. I've had customers who installed hinges and latches before the glass and they had to cut out the hinges and start over! That really stinks! So do the glass first."


Part No. PRICE
HUWC $120.00


Reinforcement Jamb Panels

Part No.      HJAM      $54.00

When installing Hagan hidden hinges you may find it necessary to install these panels. Some vehicles like the '39 and '40 Ford do not have any sheet metal at the bottom to weld the hinge. ONLY use these on cars with out sheet metal at the bottom.

Window Sill Replacement Strips

Part No.      HWSRS      $34.95

Use these L shaped strips to reconstruct the window sill and make it straight when removing vent windows that angle inward such as the '39 Chevy.

Glass Run Channel

Part No.      HGRC      $20.00

This channel is flexible and forms to the door very well. Replace worn or missing felt channel. For glass 1/4" thick.

Sill Weather Strip

Part No.      HSWSB      $20.00

Black rubber weather stop will seal the glass along the sill of the door. 4' Length (all black or with stainless bead) please specify when ordering

Door Jamb Wire Elim Kit

NSRA Best New Street Rod Product 1992 · Black satin finish plastic injection moulded housings

· Polished stainless pin contacts
· Stainless flat contacts allow for close fit, easier alignment and clearance for hidden hinge doors.
· Hi quality contacts won't tarnish or corrode like softer lesser quality materials
· Compact size 3/4 x 2-5/8 1-1/4 x 2-5/8

CC-WEK1-5 Kit with all terminals      $82.95

Magnum Shooters

MAGNUM SHOOTERS eliminate those unsightly wires in door jams. Spring loaded and fully adjustable from 1/4" to 11/16". Don't let wires tie you down. Sold in pairs (one pair completes one door) and covered by a lifetime warranty.
Uses include (but not limited to) : Power windows, Power locks, Remote entry systems, Stereo systems, Alarm systems, and more.
Eliminates wires in.. Car and truck doors, Car trunks, Trailer ramps, Tilt front ends, Pickup beds, and Tailgates.

Door Poppers

 Need help pushing those doors open?

Door Poppers (DP-1) are spring loaded plungers that assist opening doors. Great for thin doors or doors with limited space. Super Door Poppers (DP-2) give you more "throw" than regular Door Poppers. Our most popular "door popper". Both DP-1 and Dp-2 are sold in pairs.

DDDP-1 $29.95
DDDP-2 $39.95


For Product Information Call - 1 (503) 277-2232
Parts Orders ONLY Call - 1 (800) 288-7260
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