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POWER+PLUS®SB Chevy Performance Street Manifold
The P52000 Power+Plus Cyclone Manifold is a direct replacement for the stock manifold on 1957-'95 Small Block Chevy non-EGR engines. Includes special adapter bushings to fit '87-'95 engines. Use the stock Quadra-Jet carb or 500-650 cfm vacuum secondary carburetor. Kit includes adapter plate to permit use of certain square bore style carburetors. Power+Plus Manifolds are cast from steel molds, not from sand molds. Permanent molds provide a tighter grain casting thereby reducing the occurrence of porosity which can mar the polished finish. Additionally, each Power+Plus Manifold is 100% pressure tested for leaks to eliminate installation problems. This is our most popular manifold and is showing up on many performance street machines and street rods.
P52000        1957-95 Small Block Chevy V8 - Polished (Non EGR)        $149.95

POWER+PLUS®Performance Street Manifold for Small Block Chevy w/ Vortec Heads (non-EGR)
This manifold is based on our most popular manifold, the Performance Street P52000. It is designed to fit engine swaps using the 1996 and later Vortec (Gen 1+) cast iron heads or the Edelbrock E-Tec aluminum heads. These cylinder heads are very popular in street rods, engine swaps, or the industrial market. This manifold can be used on any Chevy V-8 engine utilizing the late Vortec head. This manifold has provision for external water bypass. It also features four corner water outlets, dual distributor holddowns, includes a square bore carb adapter and gasket, and will work with a late model style water neck, alternator, HEI and air conditioning brackets.
P52006        Small Block Chevy w/1996 & later Vortec (L31) heads        $154.95

POWER+PLUS®SB Chevy Hi Performance Street Manifold
P52020 Typhoon for 23° Heads The Power+Plus Typhoon Manifold is a high performance dual plane, 180° street manifold designed to be used with Holley, Carter AFB, or Edelbrock square bore carbs. For street applications use 600-700 cfm vacuum secondary carbs. For high performance street, use 700-800 cfm double pumper carburetors. This manifold produces power comparable to some single plane manifolds yet retains the throttle response and driveability typical of a dual plane. The HPS Manifold also features cast-in nitrous bosses with water outlets at all four corners plus dual distributor holddowns. This manifold is .70-inches taller than the P52000. It has a provision to add an oil fill tube. No provision for exhaust heated or stock style chokes. Accepts late model waterneck, A/C, alternator, and HEI. Will fit cast iron bowtie heads and '87-'95 cast iron or aluminum heads. Will not fit under a stock Vette hood.
P52020        Small Block Chevy High Performance Street Manifold        $169.95

SB Chevy Hi Performance Racing Manifold Non-EGR
The Power+Plus Hurricane Manifold is a single plane 360° design that provides optimum power in the mid to upper rpm ranges. Use with any standard square bore performance carb. Features include nitrous bosses, dual distributor holddowns, four corner water ports, and more. Kit also includes special water flow divider which can be substituted for a thermostat for racing use. The Power+Plus Hurricane ports are very specifically positioned to provide an optimum starting point for custom porting. The ports are slightly smaller than Fel-Pro's #1205 gasket.Ideal manifold for drag racing or short track use. Use a 1'' (short track) or 2'' (drag race) carb spacer for optimum results. While this manifold is designed to be port matched for racing, if it is used in a non-racing application no port matching is required. Manifold provides all standard bosses and tapped holes for street accessories. Fits standard port location 23° heads including cast iron Bowtie, Dart Iron Eagle, World, plus most aluminum aftermarket 23° heads.
P52030        Hi Performance Racing Manifold for 23° Heads        $194.95

BB Chevy Performance Street Manifold Non-EGR
The Power+Plus Cyclone Manifold is a direct replacement manifold for the stock manifold on Chevy big block engines with general duty OVAL PORT heads. This manifold will not fit under the hood of Corvettes without hood modifications. Will not fit "tall block" V8s. May be used with OEM or aftermarket carburetors. For street applications use the stock Quadra-Jet carburetor. For Street Performance use a 650-750 cfm performance or double pumper carb and for Competition use a 700-850 cfm double pumper. Note that the Power+Plus Manifold kit includes a carb adapter plate and gasket to allow the use of square bore carburetors. Square bore carbs on this manifold are not legal for use on any emission controlled vehicle. Will fit 1965 through 1990 oval port cylinder heads.Use a Fel-Pro #1210 (non-Printoseal) or #1212 (Printoseal) intake gasket with this manifold.
P53000        BB Chevy Performance Street Manifold Non-EGR        $179.95

POWER+PLUSŪSB Ford Hi Performance Street Manifold Non-EGR
The Power+Plus Typhoon Manifold for all 289/302W/5.0L small block Ford engines is a dual plane 180° medium high rise design that delivers outstanding street or race performance across nearly the entire power band while retaining good throttle response at any speed. Note that this manifold will not fit 255, Boss 302, or 351W engines. It will fit on '83 and later 5.0L H.O. Mustangs and will work with cruise control. Note that aftermarket carburetors are not compatible with Ford Automatic Overdrive Trans (AOD). No provision for exhaust heated choke. It has a rear water crossover with two extra NPT ports. It also features nitrous bosses. Recommended carburetor is any square bore 600 cfm or 750 cfm model depending upon engine size and degree of modification. Use a Fel-Pro #1250 intake gasket for best results.Torque manifold bolts to 15-18 lbs./ft. only.
P54000        POWER+PLUS®SB Ford Hi Performance Street Manifold Non-EGR        $169.95


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