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Custom Harnesses for Street Rods, Pick-ups
& Classics ('55- '57 Chevys)

K40B Kit PDP-1B Fuse Panel
FC-2P Electronic Fan Control GV 18 (18 circuit) Basic Kit

K40B . . . . . $339.00 (complete as shown )
'55-'56-'57 Chevy Cars . . $369.00

Custom Wires:

Standard Features:

The K40-B kit feature the "point-to-point" wiring system which uses color-coded and labeled high temperature cross-link wires. Wires run directly from the fuse panel to the destination marked on each wire. This point-to-point system is much less confusing than kits which force you to connect everything individually to the fuse panel. The tiny PDP-1B fuse panel (3.5" x 6.0") uses lugless connectors to eliminate ring terminals, which can be the source of many problems. The correct connectors are pre-installed to eliminate errors and to speed installation. Heavy-duty feed terminals are provided with heat shrink tubing, locking nuts and solder for maximum reliability. A ground system is included with the fuse panel to help wire fiberglass bodies. Safety is one of the top priorities. Extra heavy cross link wires and fuselinks are used to help protect your vehicle. All terminals are soldered for maximum reliability. Cross-link wire functions at full capacity even in your engine compartment.

PDP-1B Fuse Panel

The rugged PDP-1B fuse panel is a compact 3.5" x 6.0" unit which holds 13 modern plastic ATC fuses, a horn relay, turn signal flasher and hazard flasher. A special ground strip is included for use with fiberglass bodies. The PDP-1B is topped off with a polished stainless steel cover. Heavy-duty studs bring power into the panel while lug-less connectors allow you to wire your vehicle without using clumsy electrical terminals. Heavy-duty electrical lugs, solder, stainless steel locknuts, heat shrink tubing, mounting hardware and wiring instructions are all included. This fuse panel comes standard with the K-20B and K-40B kits. It can be used in all types of automobiles, including street rods, kit cars, jeeps and off-road vehicles. The panel is compatible with all ignition systems, switches, and alternators up to 200 amperes.

PDP-1B Fuse Panel             $129.95

FC-2P Electronic Fan Control

You no longer have to get under the hood to adjust the temperature at which your coolant fan goes on. Now you can adjust the coolant temperature right from the driver's seat. Simply hook up the FC-2P Controller to your electric water temperature gauge. The FC-2P box monitors your engine temperature and turns the fan on when the temperature you've set is reached. The kit contains the box, wire to run to your gauge and complete instructions. You attach your current fan wire to the FC-2P lugless terminal strip. The controller is continuously adjustable from "off, .... temperature selected," "always on." The air conditioning hook-up turns on the coolant fan whenever it is needed. An optional coolant fan power wire (FCW-1) is also available. This kit works well with AC trinary switch.

FC-2P Electronic Fan Control                $69.95

GV 18 (18 circuit) Basic Kit

Whether your car has few accessories, is loaded with features, or somewhere in-between, we have a Great Value kit for you!

The Great Value Kits are aptly named -- they allow you to wire your entire vehicle and save money doing it! The GV kits are an economical way to wire anything from a dune buggy to a race car. We supply the wires, materials and instructions. You supply standard General Motors switches which plug right in to the GV harness. And then, you wire your vehicle in your garage using standard tools. Each GV kit is composed of high-temperature (275 degree) wire that is labeled every few inches for easy identification and installation. Terminals are soldered to the wires for additional security. The GV kit is fully outfitted with a number of safety features such as high-temperature wire and fuselinks to protect your vehicle. We include a special adaptor to help you wire non-General Motors steering columns. Special kits are available to handle electric fuel pumps, electric fans and other high-current devices such as overhead lamps and power lock solenoids. New switches (SWK-2) and knobs (KN-1) can be purchased, if needed. A split conduit kit (LMB-1) is available to finish off your project.

GV 18 (18 circuit) Basic Kit        $250.00

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