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'55-'57 Chevrolet Pro 4-Link

Parts List
Coil-Over, Crossmember    
4-Bar Crossmember
Coil-Over, Shock
Track Bar Clevis
4-Link Bar
Rod End Sleeve
4-Bar Adjuster
5/8" Rod End
Axle Bracket
Track Bar
4-Bar Frame Bracket

Installation Notes:
Note the original axle centerline and remove all of the original rear suspension parts including: springs, rear axle, shocks, brake-line and all hardware.
Out off the original spring hangers and grind excess flush with frame.
Measure the distance between the inside frame rails, just directly behind the fifth body mount (see illustration). Cut the 4-link crossmember (part No. 7) to this dimension. If you are centering the differential housing on the middle of the axle, then the pinion yoke will be off-center. Make sure that the driveshaft is centered on the driveshaft loop. This can be done by offsetting the driveshaft loop (1" to the passenger side for 9" Ford housing).
Locate the 4-link crossmember on the inside of the frame, directly behind the fifth body mounts (see illustration). The front part of the crossmember is about 2" behind the front spring eye. Make sure that the bigger part of the drive shaft loop is on top and tack weld in place. Also, make sure that the bottom of crossmember is flush with the bottom of frame. Sometimes, the parking brake cable bracket may need to be trimmed off in order to do this.
Double check the location of crossmember (diagonal and squareness) and final weld crossmember onto frame side.
Install frame side 4-link brackets (Part No. 6) on the 4-link crossmember, with more of the adjustment holes on the top side. Center of brackets should be 28" apart. Tack weld. double check measurement (make sure it is centered on the crossmember)
Tack weld the coil-over crossmember (part No. 1) with the front part of it located 2-1/8" behind the axle centerline.
Tack weld the axle brackets (part No. 5) on the rear axle with the centers at 28". Position brackets so that the pinion angle is down 1.5 degrees when the rear of axle brackets are vertically straight.
Mock assemble adjusters (part No. 4) into the 4-link bars (part No. 3) and install rear axle into frame using 4-link. Install track bar (part No. 11). Double check all measurements, diagonal and squareness including wheelbase (115").
Disassemble and final weld everything.
Reassemble the 4-bars with the adjusters toward the front and tighten all bolts and nuts. Double check pinion angle and wheelbase.
Install track bar and adjust so axle is centered (side-side) within the frame and tighten all nuts and bolts.
Adjust coil-over shocks (part No. 2) so that the center of the top mounting bolt is about 13" to the center of the bottom mounting bolt.

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