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Interior Accessories

Mirrors Mirror Heads Mirror Mounts
Lights Interior & Door Lights
Dash Panel Inserts
Door Handles/Window & Vent Cranks Billet Door Lock Knobs Billet Oval Interior Door Handles
Universal Door Latch Cable Release Billet Shifter Arms Billet Aluminum Lighters
Air Conditioning Vent

How to build your own mirror:

It's simple. Just choose the mirror head style that best suits your interior and choose the method you want to mount it with, (glue to the windshield or bolted to the window garnish molding). The components below simply screw together. Our mirrors are machined from billet aluminum and feature stainless steel swivel supported by nylon inserts which provide you with smooth, accurate adjustments that stay in position. Our glue-on mount is designed for vertical or slightly angled windshields only.

Mirror Heads
BS73120 Round , Polished N/A
BS73320 Rectangle Small, Polished N/A
BS73420 Rectangle Large, Polished $48.95
BS73520 Oval , Polished $53.95
Round 3-1/8" Diameter
Small Rectangular 1-3/4" x 4"
Large Rectangular 1-3/4" x 5-1/4"
Oval 2-5/16" x 4-3/16"

Billet Mirror Mount
Billet Mirror Mounts Choose from glue-on or bolt-on mount. Epoxy is supplied with glue-on style.
BS72120 Glue-on Polished $16.95
BS72220 Bolt-on Polished $19.95

Billet Shifter Arms
Billet Shift Arms Machined from billet aluminum and built to last. These shifters fit a wide range of GM columns (except van columns). Ease of installation and great looks make this a must for your sport truck or rod.
BS267320 '69 to '94 passenger cars Polished $71.95
BS269520 '95 & up pass. cars & trucks Pol. N/A

Billet Door Lock Knobs
Get rid of those plastic door lock knobs that came with your ride & go with these billet beauties! Machined from billet aluminum and polished to a mirror finish.
BS45910 Smooth Pair $20.95
BS45920 Ribbed Pair N/A

Air Conditioning Vent
AC vents feature a machined aluminum bezel with adjustable plastic louvers. Assembly is complete with a 2-1/2" round flexible hose outlet. Units fasten to dash by screwing flexible hose outlet onto aluminum bezel.
BS38110 Round A/C Vent $25.95 /Each
BS38220 Silhouette $44.95 /Each
BS38320 Slotted $44.95 /Each

Door Handles/Window & Vent Cranks
Our new generation of door handles, window handles, and vent window cranks, are without a doubt the best on the market. All are fully positionable, all you do is mount the spline on the regulator, slide the aluminum cover over the spline, align the arm to the proper position, tighten, and snap on the dome cover. Available in stain and polished finish.
Billet Door Handles
BS45320 Ford to '48 Polished $74.95
BS45420 GM to '48 Polished $74.95
BS45520 GM/Ford '49 & up Polished $74.95
Billet Window Cranks
BS46320 Ford to '48 Polished $74.95
BS46420 GM to '48 Polished $74.95
BS46520 GM/Ford '49 & up Polished $74.95
Billet Vent Window Cranks
BS47320 Ford to '48 Polished $74.95
BS47420 GM to '48 Polished $74.95
BS47520 GM/Ford '49 & up Polished $74.95

Billet Oval Interior Door Handles

Billet Oval Interior Door Handles These new oval interior door handles feature a recessed mounting design with rubber trigger stop to provide a quiet lever return action. Available in either brushed aluminum or polished finish and comes complete with mounting back plate and hardware.
IDH2000 Billet $124.95
IDH2001 Polished $124.95

Billet Aluminum Lighters

These trick billet lighters are hot in every meaning of the word. Each style is available in two sizes which cover most domestic vehicles:

Long - Size #72 (element length of 15/16")
Short - Size #78 (element length of 13/16")

Fully functional, polished finish only.

BS264128 Flame Short N/A
BS264122 Ribbed Short N/A
BS264228 Flame Long N/A
BS264222 Ribbed Long N/A

Universal Door Latch Cable Release Kit

This new kit features U-Cut-to -Fit stainless steel cable wire on adjustable connectors. The cables run through a shielded pulley for a more direct pulling angle and the elimination of solid rods and bell cranks. Fully compatible with most door handles and latches.
LDLR2100      $34.95

For Product Information Call - 1 (503) 277-2232
Parts Orders ONLY Call - 1 (800) 288-7260
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